Best Galaxy A9 (2018) features: It’s all about the camera

The wait is finally over for those who were looking forward to Samsung’s first quad camera smartphone. It also happens to be the world’s first smartphone with four cameras at the back. It has quite a few features but here are some of the best Galaxy A9 (2018) features for which you may consider spending your money on this device. Most of them are camera-related and that was to be expected from this device. The camera is what people will really buy it for.

Best Galaxy A9 (2018) features

Scene Optimizer

The quad camera system is the biggest selling point of this device. Samsung has added innovative software features to this device to further improve the imaging experience. Scene Optimizer is one such feature. Powered by artificial intelligence, Scene Optimizer is capable of recognizing 19 different scenes and then adjusting the settings accordingly to get you the perfect shot.

Pro Lighting

This is yet another camera feature that makes the Galaxy A9 appealing. The feature is also present on the Galaxy A7 – Samsung’s first triple camera smartphone. It gives you several creative lighting effects to personalize and add that extra oomph to your selfies. Since the Galaxy A9 is meant for the Instagram generation, this feature will be very well received for sure.

Ultra Wide-Angle Photos

Ever find it difficult to get the entire subject in the frame without having to get into positions that make you wish you did yoga? The Ultra-Wide Angle feature of the Galaxy A9’s camera makes it much easier to do that. The handset has an 8-megapixel Ultra-Wide Angle lens with a 120-degree field of view. We loved it on the Galaxy A7 as well and the feeling remains on this device.

Bixby Voice

Love it or hate it, Samsung’s Bixby assistant is here to stay. The Galaxy A9 gets the full Bixby experience so you’ll be able to use Bixby Voice on it as well. That’s the reason why this handset has a dedicated key for the assistant. Samsung has done a good job of ensuring that the Bixby key isn’t as annoying on this device as it is on some of its other phones. Bixby Voice enables you to do almost anything that you can do by tapping on the screen with voice commands.

Automatic Watermarking

Best Galaxy A9 (2018) features

Want to tell people that you took that super-fly picture of you using the world’s first quad camera smartphone? The Galaxy A9 has a watermarking feature built-in. With it enabled, a “Samsung Quad camera” watermark will be applied automatically to all photos captured using the device. The feature can be enabled from the camera settings menu.

These are some of the best Galaxy A9 (2018) features. We’ll soon be reviewing the device so do check back for that as well. What do you think of the Galaxy A9 so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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