China’s largest display maker wants Samsung to buy its OLED panels

Samsung’s business units look to the conglomerate’s own display affiliate for OLED panels but BOE, China’s largest display maker, wants some of their business as well. It’s reportedly looking to supply OLED panels to Samsung for the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung and BOE do have an existing relationship. The latter has supplied LCD panels to the company but never OLED. BOE start production of its first sixth-generation OLED panels in May this year.

BOE wants to supply OLED panels to Samsung

OLED panel manufacturing isn’t exactly easy. Samsung Display’s technological dominance in this space as worked well in the conglomerate’s favor. It’s aiming to win the orders for the Galaxy Watch. Samsung reportedly produces between 300,000 and one million units of the Galaxy Watch per month.

Winning all or a percentage of those orders would bring in good business for BOE. An industry source cited in the report says that BOE is currently working on samples that it’s going to supply to Samsung for the Galaxy Watch.

It may also open other possibilities for BOE since the company would probably want to supply OLED panels for Samsung’s smartphones as well. That would be a big win for BOE as Samsung is the world’s largest mobile vendor by sheer volume.

China’s largest display maker is believed to be supplying the OLED panels for Huawei’s upcoming flagship smartphone as well. As is the case with such reports about the supply chain, there has been no confirmation or denial from either Samsung or BOE.

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