Does the rotating camera make you want to buy the Galaxy A80?

The much-awaited Galaxy A80 has finally been unveiled today. It’s the first smartphone from Samsung to feature a sliding, rotating camera. That’s what allows the primary rear triple camera system to double as the front camera as well.

It’s a bonafide mid-range smartphone otherwise. The kind you’d expect from the upper echelon of the Galaxy A series. So the camera would most likely be the main reason that customers purchase this device. That’s why we’ve got to ask, will you buy the Galaxy A80 for the camera? Is your disdain for notches or the hole punch deep enough to make you want to buy this device for 649 euro?

Vote below and share your thoughts about the Galaxy A80 with us in the comments section. Don’t forget to check out our Galaxy A80 hands-on to learn more about the device.

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