If the Galaxy S10 looks like this, would you buy it?

A recent report about the Galaxy S10 suggested that its front camera might be under the display. The company has teased this implementation of the front camera already. It has shown off others as well which give us an idea of how Samsung will go about killing the notch.

The company was never one to adopt the notch. It continues to stick to its guns even though many of its rivals have gone the notch way. The upcoming Galaxy A8s might show us how it intends to put the front camera under the display itself.

No actual images or press renders of the Galaxy S10 have surfaced online as yet. Ben Geskin has created some mockups based on the information that’s available about this device so far. It depicts a tiny hole up top which will be used for the front camera. This implementation may prevent the use of components that allow for 3D facial recognition but many would be willing to make that trade-off for not having a notch on the device.

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