[Poll] How often do you use your Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen remote?

The S Pen got a major upgrade this year with the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung, after years of adding only software features for the stylus, added Bluetooth to the Galaxy Note S Pen so it could work as a remote for various functions. From taking pictures in the camera to cycling through slides in PowerPoint presentations, the Note 9’s stylus offers a number of use cases. Third-party developers can tap into the remote features as well.

But, back in our Galaxy Note 9 review, we had mentioned how the S Pen remote may go from a handy feature to one you barely use after a time. That’s exactly what has happened for the few of us at SamMobile who are using the Note 9 as their primary device. The remote functions are nice to have, but the S Pen is still best for what it was designed for: a stylus that allows you to draw and write on the screen with increased precision, and also to generally navigate through the user interface as an alternative to using a finger (and to keep the fingerprints away, as one of our team members puts it).

At this point, many of our readers have probably been using the Galaxy Note 9 for quite some time. And our question to you is this: How often are you using the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen for its remote features? Do tell us by voting in the poll below, then take to the comments section to tell us what remote functionality you use most (like taking pictures, controlling music, etc.).

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