Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK surfaces for Oreo-powered phones

We got our first glimpse at the Samsung Experience 10 launcher about a week ago. A leaked Android Pie for Galaxy S9 build had surfaced which gave us our first glimpse at the upcoming major firmware update. The Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK is now available for download and it’s compatible with Samsung’s Oreo-powered devices as well.

This Samsung Experience 10 Launcher has been pulled from that very leaked build. It’s not the only app that was taken from that build. The upcoming version of the Samsung Internet browser was pulled as well.

Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK

Many of you have seen the screenshots from that leaked Android 9.0 for Galaxy S9 build. Samsung Experience 10 brings major changes for the entire user interface and the launcher is a part of that UI.

The icons in this updated launcher are slightly larger in both the app drawer and folders. A new animation plays when Bixby Home is launched while the Home screen settings menu’s design language is similar to that of the Samsung Experience 10 skin.

The APK is now available for download. We have decided not to upload it on our APK page because it’s not officially signed by Samsung. SamMobile does not host unsigned APKs from third-parties as per policy, nevertheless, you can obtain it from the source link below and install it at your own risk.

This Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK is compatible with Samsung devices running Android 8.0 and Android 8.1. It’s obviously compatible with devices running that leaked Android Pie build as well (here’s our guide on how to install that leaked build on the Galaxy S9). The app will have to be sideloaded before it can be selected as the default launcher from the Settings app.

The launcher won’t let you experience the full extent of the UI changes in Samsung’s custom Android skin. That will only be possible with Samsung Experience 10 which will ship the Android 9 Pie update. Samsung is currently testing the Pie update in all markets for the Galaxy S9 and will subsequently start rolling out the firmware update in the coming months.

Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK

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