Sony a7 III Versus Canon 5D Mark IV: Low-Light Portrait Showdown

There have been more than a few different comparisons of Canon’s 5D Mark IV and Sony’s a7 III, though many of them have focused primarily on landscapes and astrophotography. If you’ve ever wondered how these to low-light powerhouse cameras stand up to each other in a portrait scenario then this is one comparison you won’t want to miss.
Julia Trotti is rather well known for her high-quality portrait work, helpful tutorials, and her creative vlogs. If you’ve seen any of her other videos than you’ve likely noticed that she doesn’t waste any time getting straight to her point. This video comparison between the two camera bodies is no exception. Whether you shoot with a Canon, you shoot with a Sony, or both, you might be surprised by the results that are captured in these tests.

The scenarios that are used in this comparison provide some great visual examples of how the cameras really do stack up against each other. Each camera has its own strong points, but there are moments throughout the video where you can really see a difference in performance with low-light portraiture. At the end of the video, Trotti wraps up with her own personal takeaway from the experience of working with both cameras and what she likes about each and gives some insightful perspectives into the benefits she found from working with both bodies.

Are you a Canon or Sony shooter? If you have your own experience comparing the two, make sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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