Teardown shows the Galaxy Buds are ‘surprisingly repairable’

Along with the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold, Samsung launched many more products at its Unpacked event in February, one of which is the Galaxy Buds – the company’s latest iteration of wireless earbuds. As is customary with new launches, iFixit has done a teardown of the Galaxy Buds and found them to be “surprisingly repairable.”

While the Galaxy Buds are not setting any benchmarks for repairability, the iFixit team found them to be repairable as they “aren’t held together by gobs of glue, and actually contain replaceable batteries.” Samsung used clips instead of glue to hold together the external assemblies, which ensures a “mostly non-destructive entry process” with common tools. The Korean company also opted for coin-cell batteries, making it easy to buy and replace them.

Galaxy Buds get 6 out of 10 repairability score

All of this convinced the team to award 6 out of 10 repairability score to the Galaxy Buds, which seems to be more than what any other wireless earbuds received so far. For comparison, Apple AirPods received 0 out of 10 repairability score, placing them in the disposable category. Many other wireless earbuds tested by iFxit were almost disposable with all the components glued to each other, making it almost impossible to repair.

iFixit also voices concern about the environmental impact of the wireless earbuds category as they are difficult to repair and recycle. So, even the modest repairability score of the Galaxy Buds is a win for customers and the environment. If you needed more reasons to buy the Galaxy Buds over others, then you can sheepishly add concern for the environment to the list.

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