In this interview with Cinema 5D, Sony Senior Manager, Yutaka Iwatsuki confirms that a7S III is in development, but it may take longer than imagined so that Sony can “go beyond expectations”.

“S is very important camera for Sony. It is a unique camera in the industry. When we create the next generation we have to not just fulfill the customers demands but we have to go beyond their expectations. It may take longer than you imagined.”

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next-generation a7S, this is actually good news since it reveals that Sony has more up their sleeves than merely sticking a bigger battery and dual card slots into a7S II.

Iwatsuki-san acknowledges that 8K will be important in the future but likely not before 2020.

Finally, despite the fact that Sony is the leading medium format sensor manufacturer, he says Sony plans to focus on innovating both Fullframe and APS-C cameras rather than jumping into medium format.

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