Here’s a hack to change icons and themes on Galaxy S9 Android Pie beta

One UI brings plenty of sweet visual changes to Galaxy smartphones, but the icons for Samsung’s proprietary apps have received some flak for being worse than their Android Oreo counterparts. And on the Android Pie beta, Samsung isn’t letting users use third-party themes and icons, so beta testers are currently stuck with the stock icons and theme. However, there is a way to get around that limitation, even though it’s not a wholesome solution.

It turns out that going to the dedicated page for a Samsung Themes designer’s themes and icon packs lets you apply those themes and icons, something you won’t be able to do if you open the Samsung Themes store in the usual way. If you have purchased some themes or icon packs on Oreo, you can just go to the Wallpapers and themes section in the Galaxy S9 or S9+’ Settings app, scroll to the themes or icons sections, tap one of the purchased themes or icon packs under the My themes/My icons area at the top, then tap the author’s name under the theme or icon page name.

galaxy s9 pie icons themes hack.jpg

Never purchased a theme or icon pack before? We have added the links to a few designers’ pages below, and you can simply click on these on your S9 or S9+ to access them. Do remember that Android Pie only allows using free themes for a period of 14 days. There’s no limit on icon packs, though. You may also run into issues with some of these themes or icons as they may not be compatible with Android 9 yet.

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