Here’s one scene captured by each of the Galaxy A9’s four rear cameras

The Galaxy A9 is the world’s first smartphone with four rear cameras. You get a 24-megapixel lens for regular pictures, a 5-megapixel lens for bokeh (Live Focus) pictures, a telephoto lens for zooming in on a subject, and an ultra-wide lens for capturing, well, a wider scene than regular cameras. And if you’re wondering how each of these makes a difference to what you capture, we have a camera sample that we shot with each of the four rear cameras on the Galaxy A9 (2018).

Galaxy A9 camera samples: One from each of the quad rear cameras

The ultra-wide camera on the Galaxy A7 is reason alone for us to recommend that phone for potential buyers, and the Galaxy A9’s four rear cameras look quite useful as well. Separating the depth and zoom cameras is also a good step in our opinion. Having just a telephoto lens for zoom and Live Focus functionality, as is the case on Samsung flagships, means you have to move away from a subject whenever you want to take a bokeh shot. Samsung’s mid-range and budget phones that have standard secondary depth sensors for Live Focus pictures tend to work better in that regard.

Of course, our final verdict on how these cameras work will come in our Galaxy A9 review, but if you are wondering why Samsung had to put four cameras on a phone, we hope the Galaxy A9 camera samples below will give you a hint. The first one is taken by the 24MP primary camera and is followed by the ultra-wide, Live Focus, and 2x zoom shots respectively. Check them out and let us know what you think about the Galaxy A9 (2018)! Don’t forget to read our hands-on experience with the phone as well.

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