[Poll] How much do you care about the headphone jack?

Samsung’s the only mainstream Android smartphone manufacturer that still hasn’t gotten rid of the headphone jack from its phones. That’s a good thing, naturally, especially since Samsung can still make excellent devices like the Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9 is packed to the brim with the latest tech and a large battery and still has a headphone jack. But that doesn’t mean the headphone jack will remain on the Galaxy lineup forever, and a recent report suggests the day we all fear may arrive next year.

No headphone jack = No problem? Or bye-bye Samsung?

Before you get worried, no, it’s not the Galaxy S10 we’re talking about. The report mentions that the Galaxy Note 10 may be the first Samsung flagship without a headphone jack, although it’s also possible Samsung will wait until the Galaxy S11 before making the big move. While nothing is written in stone just yet, we have been wondering: How much do you care about the headphone jack and would you be okay if Samsung removes it from its flagships a year from now?

It will never be nice to not have a traditional headphone jack and have to make do with USB Type-C audio and live the dongle life. But with Samsung flagships becoming more and more advanced with each passing year, there might come a time when Samsung has no option but to scratch the headphone jack off the list of features. The Note 10 would also be a likely candidate – Samsung can’t remove the S Pen from the Note lineup, so why not remove the headphone jack? You know, especially if the Note 10 also has a big battery and, therefore, demands fewer instances where you have to both charge the phone and listen to music at the same time?

Not to mention wireless audio is also becoming more and more affordable these days, even if it can’t match the quality of wired audio. Again, one can never say if and when Samsung will remove one of the primary reasons why its phones stand out from the competition these days. But if it does, what would be your response? Tell us by voting in the poll below, then expand on your thoughts down in the comments section!

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