Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 LTE closer to launch with FCC certification

A new Samsung Chromebook with model number XE525QBBI was spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance last month. When we reported about it, we thought this could be a successor to the Samsung Chromebook Pro, perhaps an LTE variant of the successor. The same model has been now certified by the FCC, revealing some important product information in the process.

Hints point to an LTE variant of the Chromebook Plus V2

Beginning with the model itself, this is probably not a successor to the Chromebook Pro, but merelyan LTE variant of the recently launched Chromebook Plus V2, at least according to a report in AboutChromebooks. The inference is based on the FCC documents referring to this model as ‘Hopper,’ which finds a mention in the Chrome OS code for Nautilus – the codename for Chromebook Plus V2.

The presence of the Intel Celeron sticker in one of the device photos is apparently another reason for concluding this as the LTE variant of the Chromebook Plus V2 (since V2 ditched predecessor’s ARM processor for an Intel Celeron chipset). The positioning of the camera module above the keyboard also matches with that of the Chromebook Plus V2.

We don’t know when Samsung is planning to release it, but the FCC certification hints at an imminent launch. Also, it makes business sense for Samsung to put it on sale in time for the year-end holiday shopping. As far as the pricing is concerned, the non-LTE version retails for $499, so expect an ~$100 premium on top of that for the LTE capabilities.

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