Samsung highlights the importance of tracking heart-related stats

Health is increasingly becoming a major area of interest for many technology companies around the world. Samsung Electronics is one of them and has been offering many health-focused products and services to its users for many users now. The company’s offerings in this space mainly consist of wearables and smartphones with health-tracking features and software to complement them.

Considering the perils of cardiovascular diseases, Samsung’s health products have been rightfully focusing on helping users with tools to track and maintain a healthy heart. This has been a key theme of many of the Samsung’s latest products and services, including the recently launched Galaxy Watchcollaborations with the medical community, and the redesigned Samsung Health app.

Samsung Health app brings all the data together

Highlighting some of its recent endeavors in this space, Samsung has published an infographic about six heart-related stats that users can track with its products and services. These include blood pressure, Resting Heart Rate (RHR), different sleep cycles, diet, stress, and exercise. Samsung Healthapp brings together all of this data to provide meaningful insights to develop and main a healthy lifestyle. The infographic also explains how Samsung’s partnerships and product capabilities assist with the abovementioned aspects of health.

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