Samsung on track for Galaxy Fold’s commercial release in late April

Samsung took years to make its first foldable phone and to make it public, but when it did unveil the Galaxy Fold at the Unpacked event in February, it also chose to reveal a price and release date while other manufacturers simply decided to show off prototypes at MWC a week later to steal Samsung’s thunder. And it looks like the company is right on schedule for the April 26th release date, as we have been able to get the first Galaxy Fold firmware thanks to one of our tipsters.

Despite the commercial release being just over a month away, Samsung has been quite protective of the Galaxy Fold. Media and journalists haven’t been allowed hands-on time with the device yet, and it probably has been making some people wonder if Samsung will actually be able to meet the late April release date. We’re certainly hoping it does as we can’t wait to get our hands on one, although availability of the Galaxy Fold will be very limited. It will be available in the US and South Korean first, followed by some European countries in early May.

Thanks to the Galaxy Fold firmware, we were able to grab hold of the wallpapers that will come preloaded on the foldable device.
You can download those wallpapers here.

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