The Galaxy S10’s smoothness is unmatched by any previous Galaxy flagship

The Galaxy S10 is the smoothest yet of any Galaxy flagship as far as the general user interface is concerned. I’ve always been extra critical of Samsung’s inadequacy at optimizing its software compared to others here at SamMobile, but I’ve found fewer reasons to complain in the last couple of years. The Galaxy Note 9 was the most impressive of all Galaxy flagships in terms of everyday performance for me, until I switched to the Galaxy S10+.

As I mentioned in our Galaxy S10+ review, the device feels smoother than any previous Galaxy. Maybe it’s the newer Exynos chipset, maybe it’s Android Pie, maybe Samsung decided to optimize things for the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S lineup, maybe it’s the 8GB of RAM, or maybe it’s a combination of all or some of those factors, but I can’t get enough of how quick and smooth the Galaxy S10+ runs. In fact, the extra RAM might have something to do with it, as the Galaxy S10e (with 6GB of RAM) feels closer to the Galaxy Note 9 in terms of day-to-day usage than the Galaxy S10+.

I can already imagine some of the incoming comments from our readers, asking me how it’s possible that I have had noticed performance issues on Samsung’s flagship phones while they haven’t. Frankly, I think I’m just a tad too impatient and get irritated easily when I try to do things too quick and a phone can’t keep up. But the Galaxy S10+ keeps up with every demand of mine without breaking a sweat. Again, the general user interface is where I’ve noticed the difference, and I can only hope it won’t be affected when Android Q comes along or as my S10+ starts filling up with more data in the coming months.

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